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Poem of the Week

We do not know what we have until it is gone

Be grateful for what you have

You dont know when it is gone

In life we all go through seasons in life

People walk into our lives for a reason

To teach us lessons

Tell you loved one how much you care

Our lives are like the passing wind

Here now and then gone later

Take a deep breath of fresh air

In hale the good that keeps you strong

Exhale the bad that makes you weak

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Your life is precious

Be grateful of your good health

Be grateful for the gift of Life

Be grateful for all your relationships

Be grateful for shelter and work

Leave a foot print of compassion

Leave a foot print of love

Leave a foot print of strength 

Leave a foot print of endurance

Leave a foot print of kindness

A Big Thank You 

To All Our Wonderful Luxcare Caregivers

Published by Luxcare Senior Care

Luxcare Senior Care We are a company that provides the highest standard of care for our elders. We understand the enormous trust you place in us, to care for your loved one. Our promise is to serve with respect, patience and compassion, with the utmost professional care in place.

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