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Providing in home senior care since 2012 in Saanich and the Greater Victoria are.

Stay In The Comfort Of Your Own Home - We Will Come To You

Luxcare’s Senior Care has a very specific mission with only one goal. To provide you or your loved ones with luxury home health services that allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home. Our 24/7 home care services travel to you Whether your in Saanich, North Saanich or Sidney. Furthermore, these services include respite care, full-time care, companion care, Alzheimer’s, dementia and post-operation senior care. Click the button below to learn more about us, and what we can do for you.

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Fully Insured & Licensed

Luxcare Senior Care carries full WCB and 3rd party insurance for our workers and clients. Additionally, we are fully licensed to operate out of Victoria BC.

24/7 Home Care

Our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, providing compassionate care for you and your loved ones.

Our Team Is Highly Vetted

Quality control standards are high at luxcare, we only hire the very best. Each and everyone of our staff members are fully certified and have undergone rigorous training in order to provide the level of care you expect and deserve.

About Our Company Luxcare

Providing Senior Care Services You Can Rely On in Saanich, B.C.

Protecting the dignity and maximizing the comfort of our aging population is our number one priority. Furthermore, our goal is to prolong our clients independence at home in the comfort of a familiar environment.

Standing as a pillar of excellence in the Greater Victoria area Luxcare has been serving the home health industry since 2012. With over 115 senior care assistants operating out of our home base in Victoria, we have carefully curated over 25 specialized services for our valuable senior community. Janie, our owner has a deep emotional connection with the companionship that we provide. The care we we offer comes from a place of empathy through strong personal experiences. Further shaping our understanding of the importance our role in you or your loved ones life can be.

What We Provide

A Positive Change in your Lifestyle.

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Home Companionship


Providing more than just rudimentary care, our employees are there to create lasting friendships and provide emotional support. Our goal is to increase social connections while decreasing the isolation and loneliness some seniors may be experiencing.
Alzheimer's & Dementia Care


With Carefully crafted Alzheimer's and dementia care we can enhance the normal everyday experiences. By providing nurture and companionship we can mitigate symptoms as they progress, improving quality of life.
Personal Home Care


Our personal care tackles the necessities such as hygiene, nutrition, attire and mobility while preserving ones individual pride. Additionally this will improve comfort while prolonging your autonomy at home.


For those who are primary care givers and need to take time to recharge and reassemble we offer our respite care services. Our professional caregivers will smoothly integrate into your daily routine to continue the compassionate journey at a sustained level of care.
Post op care


Post-operation care can be a total life saver for those who normally live independently. This service is great for those who are looking for short term care and assistance for every day activities while they recover form large or small medical procedures.
24/7 senior care


Luxcare also provides premium 24/7 around-the-clock care is great for those who wish to extend their loved ones or their own independence and autonomy at home for as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions. What can we help with today?

Live-in care refers to a service where a caregiver stays in the senior’s home to provide round-the-clock assistance and companionship. Unlike other care setups, this ensures that the senior has someone present at all times to attend to emergencies, daily needs, or just for companionship, all within the comfort of their own home.

Unlike assisted living or nursing homes where seniors move to a new facility, live-in care allows the elderly to stay in their own homes. The primary distinction is the continuity and personalization of care. With live-in care, the senior gets individual attention from a dedicated caregiver, whereas in other settings, staff might be shared among many residents.

Yes, when arranged through reputable agencies, live-in care is safe. Caregivers undergo thorough background checks, training, and often have years of experience. Moreover, the constant presence of a caregiver ensures rapid response to any emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.

Live-in care costs can vary based on the level of care required, geographic location, and agency fees. While it may seem pricier than some alternatives, it’s important to consider the personalized one-on-one attention and the benefit of remaining at home. When comparing to full-service facilities like assisted living or nursing homes, live-in care can sometimes be cost-effective, especially when factoring in the added value it offers.

While live-in caregivers are well-equipped to manage daily tasks, companionship, and basic medical aid (like administering medications), they aren’t typically substitutes for medical professionals. In emergencies, they can provide first aid and promptly contact medical services. If a senior requires frequent specialized medical attention, it’s essential to coordinate with medical professionals in conjunction with the live-in caregiver.

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Based on 75 reviews
Wally Peters
Wally Peters
I found the staff at LuxCare really helpful and always interested in what more they could do for us. The staff are very pleasant and do an excellent service to those they care for whether it’s on the phone or in person.They are also well trained making it comfortable for the family.
Jillian Morgan
Jillian Morgan
Luxcare has been providing companion care for my mother for the past six months. I have been very happy with care givers working my mother. They are very caring and flexible, which is required in working with someone with dementia. The office staff respond quickly to requests and do their very best to accommodate changes, which happen frequently with elderly clients like my mother.
Bill Naughton
Bill Naughton
Luxcare has been providing care for my father for several years and his team have done an outstanding job of supporting him and communicating with our family. Their work has given us all peace of mind.
Vittoria Burgaretta
Vittoria Burgaretta
Thank you Lux Care for your continuous professionalism and great job your staff provides. You sure make a difference! Keep up the amazing work!
Mable Williams
Mable Williams
As each year passes Luxcare provides excellent care for their clients. As each client and staff member becomes a part of their family. if there were more stars I would give them 10 stars. One of the most professional caring agencies that I have come across. The staff are dedicated and extremely well trained. Janie the owner has compassion for her clients, making Luxcare a happy place, as well as a great care for them. Wish I lived in the area so when the time comes for me to check in at Luxcare.
John McDonald
John McDonald
Found the staff and managers very helpful with support for my elderly friend. The care aides always had the safety and security of the gentleman in mind when dealing with him.
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