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Our company is founded on love, compassion and the highest level of quality elder care. Luxcare is dedicated to providing each Senior with one-on-one, individualized care from experienced, trustworthy and loyal CAREgivers, thus building trust and long-term friendships.

For us the journey is about making a difference and impacting our client’s lives in a positive way! Our seniors have a story to tell; we listen with kindness, compassion and unconditional love, as we know that often times the smallest act of caring is much appreciated.

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If you or your parent has Alzheimer’s disease, you’re not alone. After all, every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with it. Yet it can feel so isolating, and so overwhelming.

As we mature, our needs change. The things that were once simple to perform become complicated. We can provide you or your loved one with assistance and direction with all the tasks.

Too often, with age comes loneliness. The feeling that no one cares creeps in. Aging has a way of reminding you of family members and friends who have passed on. You can feel like you’re alone.

Smooth-Transition Care, an affordable, evidence-based service, combines four key components to prevent readmission in     elderly people.

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Focused on Dignity and Independence

Our home care services are about restoring dignity and independence. They’re about allowing us to be the caregivers so family members can be the daughters, son’s, wives and husbands again. We believe this peace of mind is priceless.
We have a compassionate, listening ear just a phone call away to discuss all of your options. If home care is the right fit, we’ll do everything we can to make the wish to remain At Home independently become a reality.
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