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What is Respite Care?

Becoming a caregiver for your loved one is not always a part of the plan. Sometimes, it’s a parent; other times, it’s a partner who can ultimately end up requiring a level of care beyond the abilities of even the most organized and competent people. Being a family caregiver can consume your energy and take up a large portion of your time. Furthermore, this can put all your other responsibilities on the back bench. Caring for loved ones in need can be very demanding, both physically and emotionally.

This is where respite care enters the picture. Respite care is when a professional caregiver must take over your loved ones’ everyday care needs from a family member or another hired professional. Luxcare Senior Care will provide one of our respite care professionals for the time you choose so you can take a break while we care for your loved one. We offer services that cover everything from a few hours a day to 24/7 care, delivering flexible, customized personal care plans that fit your schedule. With Luxcare, we can guarantee you will be covered when the time comes. In addition to Victoria, our respite care is available in Oak Bay, North Saanich, James Bay, Esquimalt & Langford.

Is Respite Care The Right Service For Me?

Throughout our lives, relationships have sustained us. They are required to survive; this is especially true in our most challenging moments when we lose faith in our ability to maintain them. This can happen when other heavy responsibilities, such as caregiving, begin to occupy our minds and our time. Respite care provides a much-needed rest, which is exceptionally beneficial to family caregivers.

Moreover, providing ongoing long-term care can be pretty stressful, which has been linked to an increase in mental and physical health risks. These are just a few concerns that must be taken into account when you decide whether or not you could benefit from short-term quality respite care. Taking a break from long-term care lets people put things back into perspective and gives them time to focus on those vital relationships.

Respite Care Services in Victoria BC

What Are the Benefits?

We believe one of the most significant issues facing family caregivers is they tend to put too much pressure on themselves with little to no support, leading to a burnout situation. At this point, they may become isolated as they sometimes allow their relationships to become a second priority as they face the daunting task of caring for a senior loved one. Meeting friends and family and getting out for fresh air could be just what you need.

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Wally Peters
Wally Peters
I found the staff at LuxCare really helpful and always interested in what more they could do for us. The staff are very pleasant and do an excellent service to those they care for whether it’s on the phone or in person.They are also well trained making it comfortable for the family.
Jillian Morgan
Jillian Morgan
Luxcare has been providing companion care for my mother for the past six months. I have been very happy with care givers working my mother. They are very caring and flexible, which is required in working with someone with dementia. The office staff respond quickly to requests and do their very best to accommodate changes, which happen frequently with elderly clients like my mother.
Bill Naughton
Bill Naughton
Luxcare has been providing care for my father for several years and his team have done an outstanding job of supporting him and communicating with our family. Their work has given us all peace of mind.
Vittoria Burgaretta
Vittoria Burgaretta
Thank you Lux Care for your continuous professionalism and great job your staff provides. You sure make a difference! Keep up the amazing work!
Mable Williams
Mable Williams
As each year passes Luxcare provides excellent care for their clients. As each client and staff member becomes a part of their family. if there were more stars I would give them 10 stars. One of the most professional caring agencies that I have come across. The staff are dedicated and extremely well trained. Janie the owner has compassion for her clients, making Luxcare a happy place, as well as a great care for them. Wish I lived in the area so when the time comes for me to check in at Luxcare.
John McDonald
John McDonald
Found the staff and managers very helpful with support for my elderly friend. The care aides always had the safety and security of the gentleman in mind when dealing with him.
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