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COVID-19: Older people’s stories

HelpAge International is working with older people and network members around the world to respond to the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Click on the link below to find out about their experiences and how they are responding to the spread of the virus.

An ‘Awe Walk’ Might Do Wonders for Your Well-Being

Older men and women who took a fresh look at the objects and vistas around them felt more upbeat and hopeful. Consciously watching for small wonders in the world around you during an otherwise ordinary walk could amplify the mental health benefits of the stroll, according to an interesting new psychological study of what the study’s authors […]


We all like to think that we have compassion for others don’t we?   After all, we give care, so we must have empathy.  Is there a difference between caring and true compassion? Caring for another person is is an act of displaying kindness and concern for others.  It is the work or practice of looking after […]

Coronavirus and COVID-19: Caregiving for the Elderly

Keep yourself well First and most important, as a caretaker you should take all the precautions you can to avoid becoming infected yourself. Here are the basics: Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after providing care, preparing food, using the bathroom, or touching surfaces in public […]

Helping a senior can transform their life – and yours too

As we age, one of the biggest threats to our independence is social isolation. And the need to keep seniors mentally engaged in their communities has never been greater. Janie Apostolakos, the Founder and Ceo of Luxcare Senior Care is a company dedicated to helping senior citizens with day-to-day tasks so they can continue to live […]

Aging in place, or aging in the community

A person’s ability to continue living independently at home and/or in their community through the provision of necessary supports and services. Aging in place is often the first choice for older adults. It can prevent the emotional and physical hardships associated with leaving home to live in institutional settings. It can also help older adults […]

Home Care

Consider hiring a companion or in-home caregiver. Eventually, you will probably need extra support in order to remain in your home, such as help with household chores or personal care. Companion care can be a good solution for seniors who need more social interaction or who require help with tasks like cooking, cleaning, getting to appointments, or […]

81 Top Games for Seniors and the Elderly: Fun for All Abilities

Get ready to play! It’s time to learn about the best games for seniors so that you can reap the benefits of having fun. After all, joy, amusement, and mental stimulation are necessary for every senior’s overall well-being. And we all have days when we just want to pass a little time by doing something engaging. […]