Care Services

Our Core Purpose 

To provide exceptional CARE that enriches the lives of our clients and provides peace of mind for their families.

Our services can be one day a week or up to 24/7 care. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs and goals of each individual we care for.

What We Can Do For You


The care providers we refer will ensure your loved one’s safety in their own home, and assess their needs on a personal basis, adapting a daily routine to support your loved one with creativity and flexibility.
Personal Care services are for those who regularly require “hands-on” personal care, and needing regular assistance to remain at home. All personal care services can be personalized to meet the needs of you and your family.
Companion care allows individuals the ability to age in place without feeling lonely or unsafe. The care provider will perform several services for those who don’t require “hands on” care, but do need a little help to remain at home.
Respite Care offers family caregivers temporary relief from the burdens of caring for elderly or ill loved ones by ensuring the loved one is receiving the highest quality of professional care for a set amount of time.
happy female caregiver giving and preparing meal for a senior elderly man as a part of respite care service for a senior care home
A care provider will live full-time in your loved one’s home, and will be available to perform services throughout the day and night. You will work with the care provider to set an exact schedule when services will be performed.
Care providers can perform a range of services to help you or your loved one through the critical first weeks after surgery, allowing you or your loved one to get the rest needed to recover while protecting privacy and dignity.
If you are a veteran, you could qualify for the Veterans Affairs Program through VAC. This can help pay for your in-home care services. This need-based program is funded by the government, through Veterans Affairs Canada. Call to find out more 250 590-1689.
Tomorrow can be very scary for an older person. We will care for you and your pets, you are not alone. Having an animal to have as a companion is very beneficial for older adults.
Luxcare’s caring approach, dedication and undeniable passion for their clients is unwavering. We are all about person-centered care, tailored to every one of our clients’ needs and wants.
 Locally Owned and operated, serving our community since 2012
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