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Personal Home Care Nanaimo
Luxcare Senior Care services offer a comprehensive range of personal care assistance for seniors. Our compassionate caregivers ensure seniors receive the help they need while maintaining their dignity and independence. With our personalized care plans, we strive to enhance seniors’ quality of life and overall well-being in the comfort of their own homes.
Personal hygiene often declines with age. There are countless products on the market designed to address common hygiene issues in the elderly. By providing your loved one with some of these devices, you may make their life a little easier. Shower chairs or benches can be useful for seniors who have strength or balance problems. Grab bars, long-handled shower arms, and raised toilet seats.  
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The natural aging process can cause the skin to become dry, thin, and brittle. By applying moisturizers to the skin like lotions or creams, you can help keep your loved one’s skin soft and hydrated. As seniors have delicate skin, you will want to be gentle while applying lotion.  

Falls are highly common in the bathroom due to slippery floors, Luxcare always advises families to have a non-slip matt inside of the shower as well as a non-slip matt outside of the shower. We have been keeping our seniors safe for over 12 years in the community.
The elderly are very susceptible to UTI / bladder infections, often due to poor hygiene. The results of UTI are very concerning. Some signs to look out for are:
Frequent urination
Burning sensation when urinating
Pink or red urine
Releasing small amounts of urine
Strong smelling urine
If you are concerned that your loved one may have a UTI, please consult your family doctor right away. Signs include Hypotension, tachycardia, urinary incontinence, poor appetite, drowsiness, frequent falls, and delirium. UTI manifests more commonly and specifically for this age group as delirium or confusion in the absence of a fever.
happy nurse or caregiver assisting with medication management and encouraging a happy elderly senior man as a part of senior personal care service

Personal Care Services Include, but not limited to :

Bathing, Sponge Baths, Toileting, and other Bathroom Needs
Peri Care  
Oral Care 
Dressing and/or Grooming
 Post-Operative Care
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