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The Importance of Staying Connected

Why is it important?

Isolation amongst seniors can result in chronic loneliness, which can result in other health problems like depression and high blood pressure.
This is why it is essential for older adults to socialize with others regularly.

While isolation can be prevented by living in a senior living community, it is also possible for older adults to stay connected with others, even when living on their own. For example, if your mother lives alone, she can still have friends and family visit (when it is safe, of course), and spend time with others in order to reduce feelings of loneliness. Luxcare provides companionship for those who may not have friends or family.

6 Ways to increase connections

Teach them something new – while many seniors are adept at using technology, some could use extra help getting set up for video chats or finding sources of online connection. Helping a senior learn to use new technology can be a fun bonding experience and pays off in continued contact! And if the family member or friend isn’t an expert, they can consider taking a class together. 

Involve others – Group video chats have never been easier to set up, and there are free options that are great for small groups or paid options for larger gatherings of friends and families. Seeing each other’s faces and sharing stories is a great way to stay connected. 

Play together online – Popular board games have gone virtual! Classics like Monopoly, Scattergories and Scrabble can be played online together. Sometimes, a game night is all it takes to make people feel closer.

Spend time in-person when possible – While it may not always be possible, it’s great to see loved ones when the situation permits. Families should take some time out of their week when possible to take their senior loved ones to community events. This can be especially important for seniors with mobility issues that can keep them from doing the activities they love outside of the home.

Become pen pals – The art of writing letters may be rare today, but everyone still loves to receive notes in the mail. Send letters with updates, drawings, photos and other small mementos, and encourage the recipient to reply. Letters and cards will quickly become cherished memories that can be shared and revisited in times of separation.

Consider hiring a Luxcare caregiver – For seniors that need a little extra help around the house, a Luxcare caregiver not only provides assistance with daily living, but companionship and conversation too. Our caregivers can facilitate calls and video chats with loved ones. Luxcare caregivers are trained to keep seniors safe in their home. They can also be a great option to provide companionship during periods of illness or isolation.

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