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The two most important days of our life is… the day you were born and… the day you realized WHY you were born! I was born to serve and care for people.

It’s my passion, my purpose, my calling.

Having a higher purpose, a compelling purpose, being a conscious business, a company that strives for greatness, being aware of the needs and discovering how the company can best serve, makes the difference.

Founder/CEO Janie Apostolakos

Janie has great passion for people and this has brought her on a path towards caring for the elderly. With her strong communication skills, grace, humility and pure heart, she listens attentively and respectfully to the other persons story. You can hear the passion in her voice as she advocates for seniors-who may not always voice their concerns. She dedicates her time and energy to care for seniors and supports and comforts them with affection, respect and words of encouragements. It’s her mission and her values are being supported and applied by all caregivers at Luxcare.

Caring relationships are the foundation of our mission. Our sincere concern for our seniors’ well-being goes far beyond doing what is required, but doing more for the people entrusted in our care. These are the values that guide our relationships with our clients.

For many older people, home is everything. It’s a window to the past, a safe haven for the present and the legacy they long to leave for the next generation.

Luxcare Senior Care is dedicated to providing reliable, compassionate and affordable care. Our services improve quality of life while safeguarding independence and dignity in the home or wherever our clients call home. Understanding that long-term care can be costly, we’ve built our reputation on offering quality services at affordable prices. We’re passionate about not only helping elderly people but also advocating for them. We recognize the wealth of knowledge and experience they possess. We believe that to be a strong community, we must share their stories and knowledge. And we’re concerned that elderly people have lost value in our culture. We want to be part of changing that.

As a calling, a vocation, an art of living…this way of life brings great depth and blessings to her life.  Janie volunteers every chance she gets and is a strong believer in Random Acts of Kindness where actions speak louder than words!  She has strong family values; her mom is her best friend and is an amazing blessing in her life. Some of Janie’s other passions and interest includes her artistic side. She expresses herself through her ART as a contemporary Artist since 1982. She also loves Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion, Traveling and the soothing sound of music, the knowledge she gains from reading and the tremendous love for her dog and cat, who have now passed.   

“As we light a path for others, we naturally light our own way” ~Mary Anne Radmacher