Why Us

Our Mission
Caring relationships are the foundation of our mission. Our sincere concern for our seniors’ well-being goes far beyond doing just what is required, but doing more for the people entrusted in our care. These are the values that guide our relationships with our clients. Care for loved ones…comfort for all.

Founded on Love and Compassion

Luxcare Lifestyle offers excellent Quality Care for Senior’s, from companionship to end-of-life care. Our company is founded on love, compassion and the highest level of quality care. Luxcare is dedicated to providing each Senior with one-on-one, individualized care from experienced, trustworthy and loyal CAREgivers, thus building trust and long-term friendships. For us the journey is about making a difference and impacting our client’s lives in a positive way! Our seniors have a story to tell; we listen with kindness, compassion and unconditional love, as we know that often times the smallest act of caring is much appreciated.

There is a Face to our Name

You are not just another number. We value a close, consistent relationship with our CAREgivers, the Community Care Director and the client’s family. Constant communication and follow ups are done with CAREgivers and our clients. We are here to listen and help. Our CAREgivers are detail oriented, clear and consistent with their notes in the Care Plan Binder. You have a voice and we want to hear it, and we will be an advocate for you and make any change needed to make your life better. We take an interest in you far beyond your day-to-day needs.

CAREgiver/Client Compatibility

We engage, we build relationships CAREgiver/client compatibility is important to us. We prioritize to match clients with compatible caregivers. Our CAREgivers represent a variety of cultures and experiences. We assist seniors and their families with important decisions through life’s transitions and carefully match our CAREgivers to their personality and specific needs. Kindness and love are so needed, for without it, life would be empty.

Individually Tailored Needs

We help our seniors live independently for as long as possible. With Individually tailored service, we are committed to focusing on the clients specific need’s and sensitivities- we work to find a solution that best meets their needs. This dedication to providing a personalized service enables our clients to enjoy the true benefits of remaining at home, where we are all happiest and most comfortable. Our services allow seniors to remain independent in their own environment for as long as possible, as we provide compassionate care and personalized services designed to help them – whether living at home or in a retirement facility.

Specialist Elderly CARE

Luxcare specializes in providing care services to elderly people. This focus enables us to develop true expertise in helping elderly people maintain the highest quality of life achievable and we believe it is key in setting us apart from other care providers when helping clients with specialist conditions such as dementia.


Luxcare keeps track of all daily activities, events and any changes that may occur. We also make sure of having ongoing communication with family members, as requested, ensuring everyone’s peace of mind. Regular supervisory visits for safety and satisfaction checks allow us to stay on top of changing needs and to deal with issues that could arise. Our goal is to get to know you as an individual and ensure that each of our CAREgivers caters to your physical, mental and emotional needs. As needs change, which they always do, we can anticipate the requirements before they arise. No matter what your situation is, we can help find the right service for you. We will do so gently and in a non-intrusive manner so that you are completely comfortable with the service.

We are LOCAL

We are a reputable Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau,we pride ourselves in being locally owned and operated in Victoria BC. We are neither a franchise nor a branch of a national organisation. This enables us to remain flexible and innovative in meeting the needs of our clients and has helped us build a reputation as a provider of choice for individuals and families seeking elderly care services.

Advocate For Seniors

When our clients need a hand, we are there to help. We are their voice when they are incapable or too weak to speak up. Everyone deserves adequate, dignified, compassionate care and we want to give that and so much more. We are raising the consciousness and conscience concerning the aged. Respect for our elders, honoring their life experiences, and treating them with dignity is most important.