Top 7 Activities for Men- Senior Care Canada







1.Men’s Choir

Why not have a men’s choir? It’s something for the men to do that’s just their own. Plus, they can perform for their fellow residents which is an event in itself. And performing their old favourites would be great fun.

2.Wood Working
Woodworking is a great hobby and a chance to feel useful. Projects don’t have to be complicated but the best part is at the end, you have something to show for your hard work and fun. Even using precut pieces to build birdhouses, etc is a great way to go.

Gardening is one of the best ways for someone to relax. Whether its flowers or vegetables, growing a garden can improve your mood and make you more social. After all, who hasn’t boasted about their veggies that finally sprouted or the flowers that bloomed?

4. Car Shows
Oftentimes, facilities take their residents to local places like the mall which may not be fun for male residents. Why not a car show or flea market in town? Or even host your own car show for residents’ and their families to reminisce. It may only happen once a year but I know it would be an anticipated event.

5. Local High School Sports event
Speaking of local places, why not take some residents to see a sporting event from the local high school. Many male residents played these sports as teens, attending a local game would give them fresh air, smiles on their faces and a chance to connect with residents on a more relaxed level. Who knows maybe you’ll have a new seniors booster club for the local high school.

With the current elderly population, the cooking often fell to the women. But it’s never too late to learn a new skill. Grab your residents and get their chef hats on and teach them the basics of cooking: whether it’s pouring batter for a pancake breakfast, stirring the pot for a chilli cookoff or learning to fry an egg. They will get involved and feel useful at the same time.

7.Historical activities
History is a big part of who we are and it’s important to never let go of it. Whether it’s a genealogy buff helping residents’ trace their roots or a trip to see planes used to fight in the war, taking a trip back through time strengthens your memories. Remembering the good and bad times of the past can offer you a brighter outlook for the future.

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