Top 6 coolest features in hearing aids

  1. Hearing aid finder. Never lose a hearing aid again.  Connect them to an ipad or iphone, and using the GPS you can locate your hearing aid wherever it may be.    THis super slick feature can also be a fun party game!  Available from Resound.
  1. Rechargeable batteries.  No more disposing batteries, or hearing that low battery warning beep right in the middle of something important.  The charger ensures a full day of power and the rechargable batteries are good for about 9 months.  Available from Siemens.
  1. Direct access telephone.  Bring the phone about 10 inches from your ears and incredibly, both hearing aids will pick up the audio from the telephone and stream it to both hearing aids.  The binaural access to the sound as well as not having to press the phone up to your ear makes talking on the phone 100% easier.  Available from Phonak and Widex.
  1. 4. Hearing aids for Musicians.  Hearing aids have historically been designed to help improve speech intelligibility.  One hearing aid manufacturer has introduced a new microphone system that allows a louder input into the hearing aid before the hearing aid begins to compress the signal.  The result is improved perception of music.  A great hearing aid for those who enjoy opera or play an instrument.  Available from Widex.
  1. Direct connection to TV. All hearing aids can be connected to the TV, but two manufacturers can do it without the use of a “middle man” device.  Sit down to watch TV, press a button on the hearing aid and voila, that sound is now coming right out of the hearing aids!  That increased sound in your earcanal makes it easier to hear those darn Brittish accents!  Bring on the next season of Downton Abbey!  Available from Resound and Starkey
  1. Tiny hearing aids.  For 3 years now, we have had an extended long term use hearing aid that cannot be seen externally.  This type of aid suits several types of people.  Those who don’t want others to know they use hearing aids, as well as those who would otherwise have difficulty with the daily use of hearing aids. Come into the office and have a new hearing aid inserted every 3 months that stays in and on for better hearing.  Lyric is available from Phonak.

In the world of hearing aids, there are 6 major hearing aid manufacturers.  When it comes time for you to get a hearing aid, make sure you seek an independent Audiologist so that you get an unbiased oppinion on what hearing aid company can provide you with the product to suit your unique needs.  For more information about what might be best for you, talk to the Audiologists at Broadmead and Oak Bay Hearing Clinics (hyperlink).